The Dance

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For me the definition of Skyrunning is pretty much summed up in this photo of Marco De Gasperi. In a world were we are bombarded and bamboozled with images, one comes along that simply grabs you by your rosy red checks and demands to be looked at. Multiple times. It captures not only an image that the eyes can see but also an emotion that’s only visible to the heart. This is one such photograph. Timeless.

droz photo

Marco De Gasperi © Droz-Photo.com

It was taken by Damien Rosso at last Sunday’s SkyRace at the European Skyrunning Championships. Marco is in second place, 10 meters ahead is Kilian Jornet – his, ‘Best nightmare.’ Captured just before the last hard push to the summit of Piz Boè and the long descent to the finish, Marco shows textbook power-hiking form. His face a picture of focussed concentration, eyes fixed a few meters ahead on the nooks and crannies of the pale Dolomite rocks. He looks to be wholeheartedly enjoying the battle. A class act.

Just look at the landscape and dwell for a second on its awesomeness. The runner, the mountains. The dance.

This, folks, is Skyrunning.


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