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5 Of The Best: Sweatshirts For Stoke Seekers
Trust us, a damn good sweatshirt deserves a place in your luggage and on your back when you hit the road or backcountry. After years in the wilderness, pushed out by flannel shirts and hoodies, the simple sweat’ is rightly reclaiming it’s place as the adventure-seeker’s attire of choice. We take a look at some […] Read more – ‘5 Of The Best: Sweatshirts For Stoke Seekers’.
Garmin 735XT: the ultimate active smart watch?
The Garmin 735XT may be marketed as a triathlon specific GPS watch but in reality Garmin has produced something that’s closer to the ultimate smart watch for the active and adventurous. It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a flagship GPS watch with wrist-based heart rate monitor. It’s the details that set […] Read more – ‘Garmin 735XT: the ultimate active smart watch?’.
Totalpinism: Kilian On The Art Of Alpinrunning
Light means fast, fast means longer. Those six words, found on the homepage of the alpinrunning website, perfectly encapsulate the philosophy behind this stripped back, barebones form of alpinism. It’s all about freedom. The freedom to not only travel further, but also the freedom to experience the mountains in a purer and more unhindered manner. Read more – ‘Totalpinism: Kilian On The Art Of Alpinrunning’.

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