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Totalpinism: Kilian On The Art Of Alpinrunning

Totalpinism: Kilian On The Art Of Alpinrunning

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Inside The Rut, With Mike Foote.
The Skyrunning Ultra carnival rolls into Big Sky resort, Montana, USA for this weekends grand-finale. Make no mistake, The Rut 50k is the real-deal. A bona-fide, white-knuckle ride of a mountain race. Euro-inspired but well and truly, undoubtedly, Montana-ized. Read more – ‘Inside The Rut, With Mike Foote.’.
Tromsø Skyrace: Emelie & Kilian’s Post Race Bliss
Bruised legs and bruised egos aside, Tromsø Skyrace has been an unequivocal success. The morning following the inaugural event finds race directors Emelie Forsberg and Kilian Jornet basking in the warm glow of an achievement fulfilled. Read more – ‘Tromsø Skyrace: Emelie & Kilian’s Post Race Bliss’.
Tromsø Skyrace: Kilian & Emelie’s Final Preperations
‘This section here is really technical, really steep,’ says Kilian Jornet, grinning like the cat that got the cream while pointing at the route profile on his laptop. Read more – ‘Tromsø Skyrace: Kilian & Emelie’s Final Preperations’.

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