Salomon S-Lab Skin 2 Belt

by RNTRMP. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

Salomon’s S-Lab rewrote the rulebook on how to construct running packs when they launched the Skin 5 and then the Skin 12 packs. I remember first getting my hands on the 5 litre and it almost scared the life out of me! I was overwhelmed with the technical feature-set and it took me a while to actually go back and spend the time on customising the pack; removing what was unnecessary for me and getting the set-up dialled to what I wanted. I now rate it as an unreal piece of kit with oh-I forgot-I-had-it-on comfort…
Now the S-Lab are turning their attention to the humble running beltpack with the 2013 launch of the S-Lab Skin2 Belt…and this been the S-Lab it looks like it came from the future….

The belt shares a lot of the Skin packs fabrics and materials so the usual words will be thrown around- breathable, body-hugging, ….and I have no doubt that it is… but what makes this an even more exciting prospect is that fact that the multiple pockets will swallow a whole lot of gear making it a genuine alternative to a pack for longer runs and races, especially for those that prefer carry handheld hydration. Combine that with the feedback that the S-Lab designers get from the Salomon athletes and you just know that this is gonna rule. The belt will launch in Spring 2013 but I am looking forward to hopefully getting my hands on a sample in the New Year to try out.

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