The Rise Of The Sky Teams.

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It seems with each passing week as if this skyrunning season, starting in just a few weeks on that jewel of an island- La Palma, is shaping up to be a watershed for the sport. There is a definite sense of anticipation, a palpable tingling of excitement as everything falls into place, stars align and the date draws closer.

One aspect that has, without doubt, become clear is that the big outdoor brands are getting behind their athletes, and the sport in general, with a level of support and enthusiasm unmatched in recent years. The attraction for both runners and brands are pretty much irresistible- as Skyrunning’s Lauri Van Houten explains, “Skyrunning is simply an inspiration – for the runners, the media and the industry. The races offer what the runners want- spectacular locations, challenging courses, excellent organisation,deep competitive fields & good media coverage. That’s where the brands come in. After all, what’s the point if nobody knows about it? Skyrunning has a lot to offer – it captures the essence of the mountains and the amazing performances of the athletes, the spirit – a ready-made package that helps to convey brand communication.”

Perhaps too, it’s a case that the brands have finally taken the cue from Salomon and see a strong team as the way forward? Whatever the reason- Skyrunning is hot and the rise of the sky teams has begun. Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you, for your skyrunning pleasure, Team Arc’Teryx.

Press release follows:

– 2013 Skyrunner® World Series

Arc’teryx, the Canadian outdoor brand and ISF partner, announces their six-man team participating in the 2013 Skyrunner® World Series.

April 16, 2013

Arc’teryx, the Canadian outdoor brand and ISF partner, announces their six-man team participating in the 2013 Skyrunner® World Series. From the US, charismatic and eclectic runner Joe Grant is back for more and will race the Ultra Series starting with the HYPERLINK “www.transvulcania.com” Transvulcania Ultramarathon on May 11 where he placed 12th last year as well as a 2nd place at Hardrock 100 and a second place at the 350-mile long Iditarod Trail Invitational, the legendary Alaskan sled dog race. He’s also aiming at the Sky Series’ new Ultraks 46K in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Sky_release1Joe Grant durings last years Transvulcania. © LongLight

Canadian distance runner Adam Campbell, plagued with injury last year, has got big plans for the SWS Ultra Series and he’ll be toeing the line at Transvulcania with Grant in the first of the Series Ultra races which he describes as, “a global race series in some of the most iconic mountain settings and over some very rough and technical terrain”. The SWS in a nutshell.

Italy’s Nicola Golinelli will be tackling both the Sky and Vertical Series. Last year, he chalked up two third places in the Vertical K and a fourth position at the Giir di Mont, Premana, Italy. He will debut at the highly competitive Zegama-Aizkorri marathon on May 26 where he placed 5th in 2011.

Sky_release2Nicola Golinelli at Zegama. © Jordi Saragossa

Frenchman Didier Zago, like Golinelli, will aim for both Sky and Vertical races, starting off with the Cara Amón Vertical Kilometer® on May 18, site of the 2012 SkyGames® in northern Spain.

Briton Tessa Hill joins Zago in the two disciplines and skyrunning new comer Florian Reichert from Germany, will race the Sky Series, launching at Zegama.

An intensive season of highly competitive racing faces the runners, from the short steep Vertical Kilometers to the marathon distance Sky Series and the grueling Ultra Series. With no less than five world champions competing, one thing is for sure – everyone will be racing for the love of it. Champions or not, unquestionably the driving force behind every SWS participant lies their passion for running in the mountains.

Follow news on the athletes on Facebook and Twitter and www.arcteryx.com

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