Ambit3 – Suunto Future-proofs it’s Flagship
Make no mistake, with the launch of Suunto’s third-generation Ambits this September, the Finnish company are taking their popular GPS watch far beyond it’s training tool roots. The shift from ANT+ to Bluetooth connectivity is a major move that opens up the Ambit to becoming an integral companion to our connected lives. Read more – ‘Ambit3 – Suunto Future-proofs it’s Flagship’.
Up Close With The Nike Terra Kiger 2
After I published the article about the new updated Nike Terra Kiger 2 & Wildhorse 2, I got a lot of requests for some photos of the new updated features. I’ve been running in the Kiger 2 for the past month or so and can only say that the shoes are unreal. So here’s some […] Read more – ‘Up Close With The Nike Terra Kiger 2’.
Nike Terra Kiger 2 & Wildhorse 2 | The Inside Story
It’s almost a year since Nike released their much-lauded, much-loved Terra Kiger and Wildhorse trail shoes on an unsuspecting public. If the initial release was low-key, the resulting glowing reviews and testimonials have, in the subsequent months, elevated both shoes to the top of the pile for many runners. Now, with the imminent release of […] Read more – ‘Nike Terra Kiger 2 & Wildhorse 2 | The Inside Story’.
LifeProof Fre iPhone Case
I think it’s safe to say that Jony Ive, Apple’s design guru, didn’t spend too much time worrying about trail or mountain runners when he and his team were designing the iPhone 5. I can’t really imagine him waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, proclaiming, ‘What about the ultra-runners!?’ […] Read more – ‘LifeProof Fre iPhone Case’.
New Balance Leadville 1210
With the Leadville 100 kicking off in little over a weeks time, I thought I’d pay homage to the great race with a review of the New Balance Leadville 1210 shoe. The 1210 is NB’s nod to the famous Colorado 100 miler – a shoe created for, and inspired by, the legendary Race Across The […] Read more – ‘New Balance Leadville 1210’.
Trail Blazer – Creating the Salomon Sense
To get to the actual beginning of the Salomon Sense story, back to the real source of the tale, we must travel all the way back to 1988. It was then, twenty five years ago, that a couple of seemingly unrelated events occurred that would set the trajectory of two guy’s careers – trajectories that […] Read more – ‘Trail Blazer – Creating the Salomon Sense’.
Shear Joy
Embracing the act of running with a sheep on my back. The first I heard of Icebreaker, the New Zealand Merino wool garment pioneers, was back in 2005 or 2006. A work colleague had just returned from a year in New Zealand, supplementing her snowboarding by working in an outdoor store. She raved about a […] Read more – ‘Shear Joy’.
New Balance MT10v2 Review
The original New Balance Minimus arrived amid much fanfare and expectation in 2011- a time when the barefoot-brigade were in full voice, Born To Run was a top-seller and it seemed like only a matter of time before runners were out on the streets burning their support shoes. So in the midst of this five-fingered-feeding-frenzy […] Read more – ‘New Balance MT10v2 Review’.
Patagonia Houdini Jacket
I was beginning to think that all running jackets where pretty much the same. Sure, they all look a little different and fit a little different but in principal they all claim to have some or all of following features The lightest-ever fabric The most breathable fabric High wind resistance High water-repellency Active/Athletic/Performance fit ..Don’t […] Read more – ‘Patagonia Houdini Jacket’.
Knog Blinder 4
Ok, you got me, the Knog Blinder4 is not really, on the face of it at least, a running related item. So why am I reviewing it here on RunTramp? Well, because they are so damn good thats why and also because I am sure that a lot of runners out there have bikes too, […] Read more – ‘Knog Blinder 4’.
Marmot Essence Jacket.
Introduction. The Marmot Essence was one of the first stripped-down, minimalist micro-shells on the market when it arrived a few years back. The jacket has gone through something of an evolution since then- dropping some features such as the latex cuffs while gaining others that were missing from the first generation including underarm ventilation. The […] Read more – ‘Marmot Essence Jacket.’.
Therm-a-Rest NeoAir X-Lite
Introduction Cascade Designs- Therm-a-Rests parent company- know a thing or two about revolutionising outdoor sleeping having invented the self inflating mattress back in 1971. That original idea has been redesigned and refined over the ensuing years to a product range that to this day sets the standards for comfortable & lightweight camping mattresses.  Not one […] Read more – ‘Therm-a-Rest NeoAir X-Lite’.
Hummingbird Carry-On 40L
Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough- Charles Dudley Warner. Introduction. Excess baggage- a term to describe baggage weighing more than the allowed amount- could also describe the modern-day epidemic that is luggage with excessive amounts of features. I am talking briefcase size bags with wheels , rucksacks with back […] Read more – ‘Hummingbird Carry-On 40L’.
New Balance MT110
I first hear of the New Balance MT110 as a mention on Anton Krupricka’s blog where he stated that the as yet unreleased follow-up to the MT101 was ‘The best trail show I have ever worn’. Now, those familiar with Anton will now that that is not a hollow, marketing-hyped statement. His tinkering and carving […] Read more – ‘New Balance MT110’.
New Balance Minimus Zero Trail
The current Minimus MT10 is a great shoe but the prospect of a zero drop version is mouthwatering. I have seen some `sneak preview` type images on some sites but I stumbled upon this video on youtube that gives a little preview of what to expect from the `zero`along with a look at the new […] Read more – ‘New Balance Minimus Zero Trail’.