Kullaberg Calling.

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Malmö, my home city, is flat. So flat that a suburb known locally as ‘Backarna’ meaning ‘The Hills’ in Swedish- is, in fact, merely a few bumps in the road. Its not just the city that suffers from this lack of vert´, the surrounding countryside follows suit- the highest point rising 220 meters above sea-level. So whats a trail and mountain running lover to do? Salvation comes in the form of ´Kullaberg´- a peninsula in north-west Skåne surrounded on three sides by the crystal clear deep waters of the Kattegat. From across the bay it resembles a long bony finger, its hilly knuckles offering a welcome contrast to the surrounding flat farmlands. Once under its canopy of mature Beech and Pine forest a network of single-track skirts the granite cliffs that plunge into amazing coves all along the rugged coast- running here is pure joy and what it lacks in altitude it sure as hell makes up for in steepness. The monotony of flat tarmac is quickly forgotten here as the surprisingly technical terrain demands concentration and good foot-placement- the main trail loops the entire peninsula taking in the more open landscape on the south, switching to the north side at the famous lighthouse and heading back towards Mölle on narrow single-track through the lush forests and finishing with a nice climb up to the Håkull summit.
This little loop is just 12km in total with the highest point being merely 177 meters above sea level but odd things happen on this ancient piece of land. Kullaberg is more than the sum of its part in so many ways, its a special place that always gives a sense of wonderment. It somehow seems bigger and higher than it truly is and has a feeling of magic and mystery that is hard to describe but can be felt on the trails. So if you find yourself in Skåne, longing for distant hills than seek out ´Kullen´ – the curious will be rewarded with secret coves, sea caves and trails to themselves.

@ldymuck finds salvation on Håkulls summit, Kullaberg

Above the beech-forest canopy looking towards Mölle harbour.Above the beech-forest canopy looking towards Mölle harbour

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