Knog Blinder 4

by RNTRMP. Average Reading Time: almost 3 minutes.

Ok, you got me, the Knog Blinder4 is not really, on the face of it at least, a running related item. So why am I reviewing it here on RunTramp? Well, because they are so damn good thats why and also because I am sure that a lot of runners out there have bikes too, just like me. Its also on the cusp of winter here in South Sweden and the hours of darkness are clearly outnumbering the daylight hours, a fact that won’t be changing anytime soon. So these bike lights will be a constant companion on my daily rides to and from work and my jaunts around town.

I am a sucker for good design (and good packaging, but more on that later) and the Blinder4 is a hot-looking little light. I was surprised with the size when I first saw them in person as they looked a lot more substantial when I checked them out online- the fact that they pack such a punch from such a compact little unit is a big plus as they fit easily into any jacket pocket and are super-lightweight to boot. The design itself is a lesson in the art of simplicity- a small square-shaped, weather-sealed case containing four high-powered LED’s in two rows of two, think of a four on a dice and you get the picture.The back of the light is made up of the clasp which is a nifty combination of Knogs signature silicone but with a hook and loop closure of plastic and alloy. It makes for really easy-on/easy-off use and maintains a snug fit on the bars and seat post. Under the clamp is the USB charger that folds down flush with the case- I have heard of complaints about people having trouble fitting them in usb slots on laptops but it is a minor problem at worst- I charge mine by plugging them directly into an iPhone wall plug which is both easier and charges them faster than from the a laptop. Thats all there is to it apart from the switch which is a sealed silicone capsule shape that is also home to a tiny battery warning light. The switch toggles through the light modes which is the usual solid beam or variations on an all-night-rave strobe light; I have it set to eco strobe ( a kind of strobe-lite) which is the most efficient setting, pumping out 30 hours worth before a recharge is needed.

Knog are clearly the Apple of bike products. Their gear is a joy to use, well thought out and seemingly a good year or two ahead of their competitors in terms of aesthetics and design. This analogy even applies to their packaging- an exercise in spatial awareness and the childhood joys of unwrapping a gift. A part of the user experience as opposed to an afterthought… or maybe I am just a freak.

I started out by saying that this is not a running related product but I like these lights so much I am going to use the back red light in a mesh pocket around my waist as part of the compulsory lighting for next years Transvulcania Ultra Marathon on La Palma. Knog, if your listening, any chance you can turn your attention to making a headlamp? I will gladly do some testing.

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