Beyond EXO: S-LAB clothing’s new direction
Kilian should lose more often. There’s no malice intended, it’s just that when he is does fail to top the podium, as at Western States in 2010, he and the S-LAB designers get busy — seriously busy. Sense footwear, the hydro glove and the awesome soft-flasks are all concepts whose creation was sparked by that […] Read more – ‘Beyond EXO: S-LAB clothing’s new direction’.
El Presidente Ha Vuelto — Dakota Jones’ Transvulcania Re-Run
Dakota Jones didn’t just win the mens race at Transvulcania in 2012— he owned it. So much so, in fact, that his hiatus from last year’s event left a vacuum that even a Kilian Jornet course record couldn’t really fill. El Presidente was, instead, off doing rad stuff in the mountains of Alaska. ‘A partner […] Read more – ‘El Presidente Ha Vuelto — Dakota Jones’ Transvulcania Re-Run’.
Nike Trail Team: Back To The Roots
Bill Bowerman would be pleased. The co-founder of Nike, and one of the most successful coaches in US running history, had a passion for the trail. That passion came, not just from his own Oregon University cross-country camps, but also, further back, to his grandparents — pioneers on the famous Oregon trail during the great […] Read more – ‘Nike Trail Team: Back To The Roots’.
Transgrancanaria: La Primera Ultra de España
Han pasado ya once años desde que Fernando Gonzalez y unos pocos amigos tuvieron una genial idea. Cruzar corriendo la isla de Gran Canaria desde la costa oeste a la este, a través de antiguos caminos y senderos que la atraviesan. El resultado no fue que se convirtió en la primera Ultra de las Islas […] Read more – ‘Transgrancanaria: La Primera Ultra de España’.
Transgrancanaria: A Brief History of an Island Ultra
It’s eleven years since Fernando González and a few friends had a brainwave — attempt to run the ancient network of paths and trails that connect the West and East Coasts of the Canarian island of Gran Canaria. It would turn out to be, not only the Canary Island’s first Ultra, but Spain’s too. From […] Read more – ‘Transgrancanaria: A Brief History of an Island Ultra’.
Talking Suunto & Photoshoots with Emelie Forsberg
Receiving a set of photos like the ones Suunto sent me has caused my post warm-weather-trail-running holiday blues to take a turn for the worst. It’s a darn shame, the recuperation was going pretty well. However, the stunning photos of their new Ambit-wearing ambassador Emelie Forsberg enjoying a day on the trails with Kilian Jornet, […] Read more – ‘Talking Suunto & Photoshoots with Emelie Forsberg’.
King Salomon, Font Romeu And The Making Of A Classic
I arrive at a place, high up in the French Pyrenees, in the village of Font Romeu, where log cabins and huge, beige canvas tents lie dotted on a hillside under tall pine trees. The large wooden sign at the entrance reads ‘Huttopia’ and although it sounds like I’ve stumbled upon some San Francisco hippie […] Read more – ‘King Salomon, Font Romeu And The Making Of A Classic’.
Limone Xtreme Vertical Kilometer: A Sensory Trip
The Skyrunning Vertical Kilometer Series wrapped up on Friday with an epic night race from the shores of Lake Garda in Limone, Italy. With the sun having set on a beautiful late-autumn evening and the course, Vertical Grèste de la Mughéra, enveloped in an inky darkness, almost 200 runners set off for the finish line, […] Read more – ‘Limone Xtreme Vertical Kilometer: A Sensory Trip’.
The Dance
For me the definition of Skyrunning is pretty much summed up in this photo of Marco De Gasperi. In a world were we are bombarded and bamboozled with images, one comes along that simply grabs you by your rosy red checks and demands to be looked at. Read more – ‘The Dance’.
Trail Blazer – Creating the Salomon Sense
To get to the actual beginning of the Salomon Sense story, back to the real source of the tale, we must travel all the way back to 1988. It was then, twenty five years ago, that a couple of seemingly unrelated events occurred that would set the trajectory of two guy’s careers – trajectories that […] Read more – ‘Trail Blazer – Creating the Salomon Sense’.
Transvulcania 2013 | A Different Perspective
For about 6 days at the beginning of May 2013, Hotel Sol on the black sands of Puerto Naos’ southern shores was the centre of the mountain running universe. As the official hotel of Transvulcania it literally crackled with pre-race nerves and buzzed with the sound of millions of megabytes of photos, audio and video […] Read more – ‘Transvulcania 2013 | A Different Perspective’.
Ice Trail Tarentaise | Flirting with Alpinism
This story begins in Grenoble, an attractive city in south-east France. It is through here, in this city of almost 200,000- known as the ‘capital of the Alps’ that a river flows. Its water has the distinctive alpine-look, that sage green, glacial colour that gives a clue to it’s icy origin high up in the […] Read more – ‘Ice Trail Tarentaise | Flirting with Alpinism’.
Skyrunning: The South African Dawn
About a month ago a press-release dropped into my inbox with the title ‘Inaugural Lesotho Ultra Trail attracts world class field.’ I was intrigued. I vaguely knew that Lesotho was a small country surrounded on all sides by South Africa and that it would surely make an exotic location for ‘Africa’s first Ultra SkyMarathon’ and, […] Read more – ‘Skyrunning: The South African Dawn’.
S-Lab’s New Adventures In Hydration.
The whispers started around about when Kilian Jornet showed up in Chamonix for the 2009 UTMB wearing what looked like, for all intents and purposes, a waistcoat- albeit an extremely technical looking one. Hindsight tells us that what he was in fact wearing was an early prototype of a hydration pack that would prove to […] Read more – ‘S-Lab’s New Adventures In Hydration.’.
Del mar al Cielo- El “Making of” de la Transvulcania
Julio Cabrera Rochas había leído sobre corredores que competían cruzando montañas. A través de internet, había descubierto fotos de Los Alpes, Pirineos y las Rocosas. Corredores sucios, con las manos en las rodillas luchando en esfuerzos sobrehumanos. Muy por debajo de las nubes se reflejaban en el mar las nubes de algodón. En ese mismo, […] Read more – ‘Del mar al Cielo- El “Making of” de la Transvulcania’.
Sea to Sky- The Making Of Transvulcania.
Julio Cabrera Rochas had read about runners who raced across mountain ranges. He had seen their pictures online from the Alps, Pyrenees & Rockies. Sweat soaked and dirty, hands-on-knees power hiking up sinewy trails, far below them the clouds resembling a sea of marshmallows. The year was 2008, and Julio, the then Minister of the […] Read more – ‘Sea to Sky- The Making Of Transvulcania.’.