Matterhorn Ultraks 2014 Eye-Candy
Just how epic is this photo from renowned Salomon lensman Damien Rosso? There’s probably more mountainrunning-awesomeness per pixel on offer here than almost any other trail photo I’ve had the pleasure to cast my eyes on… And to think that just a few days ago I was worried about my eyesight. I was under the […] Read more – ‘Matterhorn Ultraks 2014 Eye-Candy’.
Limone Xtreme
Skyrunning’s 2013 finale. The Skyrunning World Series returns to it’s Italian heartland this weekend for the 2013 swan song – the Limone Xtreme. This event will bring the curtain down on both the Vertical Kilometer and Sky series, while last weekend’s UROC wrapped up the Ultra series in what has been another incredible year for […] Read more – ‘Limone Xtreme’.
Shona Stephenson – Inked & Incandescent.
When Inov-8’s Shona Stephenson lines up at the UTMB start line later today, her arms and hands will be emblazoned with words scrawled in thick black ink. Read more – ‘Shona Stephenson – Inked & Incandescent.’.
Anton Krupicka – Nolan’s 14
Following Anton on his Nolan’s 14 attempt –an epic line linking up all 14 peaks over 14,000 feet in Colorado’s Sawatch Mountain Range. Read more – ‘Anton Krupicka – Nolan’s 14’.
European Skyrunning Championships 2013
Dolomite Dreaming… The International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) – purveyors of fine, high-altitude, racing experiences – are literally hours away from flipping the switch on their 2013 European Skyrunning Championships taking place in Canazei and Vicenza, Northern Italy. Read more – ‘European Skyrunning Championships 2013’.
Talent & Talons: Joe Grant’s Hardrock Weapons.
Some people would de anything for a kiss. That’s the privilege on offer for the finishers of arguably the toughest 100 miler of them all, Hardrock 100 –  to kiss the rock emblazoned with the Hardrock logo. The rock reads: Hardrock Endurance Run- 100 Miles – Hard & Tough. If there’s a person out there who gets […] Read more – ‘Talent & Talons: Joe Grant’s Hardrock Weapons.’.
Ice Trail Tarentaise Preview
ITT could just as easily stand for ‘It’s Treacherously Technical’ but no, it does in fact stand for Ice Trail Tarentaise. With the race now only a few days away, the International Skyrunning Federation has put together another excellent race preview detailing the mouth-watering field that is set to tackle this unique mountain race. In […] Read more – ‘Ice Trail Tarentaise Preview’.
Instant Traction | Team Inov-8 hit the ground Skyrunning
Natalie White, Inov-8’s marketing manager and Skyrunner, stated recently that ‘Ultimately, brand awareness,’ was the benchmark on which their rookie year with an International Team could be deemed a success or not. It’s very early days but, damn, Inov-8 are so hot right now.. If we are talking purely Skyrunning, then we have only had […] Read more – ‘Instant Traction | Team Inov-8 hit the ground Skyrunning’.
An Inov-8 shod Joe Grant + The Transvulcania Course = Showtime.
Joe Grant is en route to La Palma for his second Transvulcania race- the difference this time is that he will be freshly shod with Inov-8 trailroc 235’s as part of his recent sponsorship deal with the UK based company that is wholly dedicated in it’s pursuit of minimal, innovative footwear and the sport of […] Read more – ‘An Inov-8 shod Joe Grant + The Transvulcania Course = Showtime.’.
The Rise Of The Sky Teams.
It seems with each passing week as if this skyrunning season, starting in just a few weeks on that jewel of an island- La Palma, is shaping up to be a watershed for the sport. There is a definite sense of anticipation, a palpable tingling of excitement as everything falls into place, stars align and […] Read more – ‘The Rise Of The Sky Teams.’.
New Balance MT1010 v2 Preview.
The original version of the MT1010 launched last year as a beefier alternative to the MT110- a shoe that retained the 4mm drop and rock-plate of the ‘110 but added an extra degree of cushioning in the form of a slightly higher stack-height and a RevLite midsole. July 2013 sees the launch of the second […] Read more – ‘New Balance MT1010 v2 Preview.’.
Salomon S-Lab Skin 2 Belt
Salomon’s S-Lab rewrote the rulebook on how to construct running packs when they launched the Skin 5 and then the Skin 12 packs. I remember first getting my hands on the 5 litre and it almost scared the life out of me! I was overwhelmed with the technical feature-set and it took me a while […] Read more – ‘Salomon S-Lab Skin 2 Belt’.
New Balance MT1010 Video
New Balance are certainly on a roll with their latest offerings- the MT110 and their zero zero Minimus line are incredibly well designed shoes. That looks certain to continue with the launch of their new Minimus model the MT1010-Amp. Here runningshoes.com talks to NB’s Brian Gothie about the upcoming minimalist trail shoe. Read more – ‘New Balance MT1010 Video’.